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It’s only a matter of time before we have to endure the fairy nagging…

Quick, cue the music!

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  1. Dekker

    hah, legend of zelda oc of time is such a good game, forest song was my favorite song actually, song of time was a close second.

    • Kitsune

      Agreed – though I kind of liked the Bolero of Fire myself…
      My sister and I had a silly little thing, though – when it would hit a certain point in Saria’s song (just as it ends and is about to repeat), we would have Link do something… It carries over to SSB and that, too! XD

      If one of us misses that cue three times, it’s out of the forest (or stage) for you! >D

      • Dekker

        “someting”? :3 my whatever would two girls make a hot elf do….

        • Kitsune

          Hmm, I wonder!

          Really, though, sorry to spoil it, but we just have him do a flip or something. XD It’s quite stupid.

  2. Momoko

    Hey! Just wanted to say that please update your archive ;o;
    Also, it was pretty annoying when I press next which leads to a notes-page, but that notes-page doesn’t lead -anywhere-, making me have to click the archive page to continue reading >__>

    But overall, interesting comic! I look forward to see what’s next.

    • Kitsune

      A notes page? Ah, that’s not good!

      :EDIT: Oh, sheesh! I think I fixed it – apparently when I upgraded the software, things got a little messed up. It should be okay, though.

      I shall work on the archive page now.


      Please let me know if you have any further difficulties!

  3. Cat

    Play with the Mario Paint composer!!


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